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Stay cool & comfortable with reliable aircon from Impact Air Solutions.

Actron Air Conditioning Installation Sydney

10+ Years Experience                       5000+ AC Installations

Want cool rooms this sweltering summer? Actron’s large range of air conditioners are a perfect choice. We will help keep your home cool and comfortable in the all year round.


Whether you want to cool a single room, or provide temperature control to your entire property, there’s an Actron model for you.


Our team of professional HVAC specialists can help you find the perfect Actron air conditioner to suit your needs.


We’re trained to help you choose a AC model that cools your preferred area efficiently, stays within your budget, and lasts for years to come.


Better yet, we’ll install your new Actron air conditioner; regardless of whether it’s wall-mounted, ducted or a custom solution.


We also offer the ventilation, refrigeration and electrical services to help with all needs.

Actron Air Fully Installed

All Actron air conditioning models
Various KW sizes, 2.6kw, 5kw, 10kw, 14kw, etc.
Inverter with Reverse Cycle
Professionally Installed with Power
Single & Multi Story Properties
5 year Manufacturer & Installation Warranty
actron split systems
actron ducted systems

Actron Air Conditioner Service

Residential / Domestic           Commercial / Business

We don’t just sell Actron air conditioners. We stand by Actron’s high-quality products and provide unparalleled maintenance services for them too.

At Impact Air Solutions, our team of seasoned professionals can repair, replace, or perform servicing tasks on your Actron air conditioner.

We proudly service for the following Actron air conditioners:

✓ Wall-mounted air conditioners✓ Ducted air-con systems
✓ Console split systems✓ Bulkhead units
✓ Ceiling mounted systems✓ Multi-head split systems

If your Actron HVAC system needs to be repaired or serviced, contact Impact Air Solutions, today.

We Bring You Luxury Comfort

Actron’s industry-leading HVAC products are at the top of their class. They are ideal for providing a luxurious comfort for your home or business.

Choose an AC model incorporating the latest inverter reverse-cycle technology to provide you with cool rooms year-round without skyrocketing your energy bills.

With an Actron air conditioner, you can avoid the sweltering heat, maintain a comfortable temperature-controlled environment for you and your guests, and enjoy pure relaxation.

Also, the high-quality components and masterful engineering of Actron Air ensure that they run quietly and efficiently.

Some Actron models even implement smart technology to allow for wireless, easy-to-use control.

Impact Air Solutions proudly supply and install a wide selection of Actron products. We can’t wait to help you choose the perfect model for you.

Cool in Summer           Warm in Winter

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At Impact Air Solutions, we’ve devoted ourselves to understanding the Actron brand’s long line of products.

We’ve become industry-leading servicemen for all Actron models, and we can help with all of your Actron air-con installations and servicing.

Our professional and highly experienced team upholds the highest standards possible for an unmatched experience throughout every installation, repair job, and sales consultation.

We’ve built a solid reputation throughout Sydney with long-lasting relationships across residential and commercial markets.

For HVAC, refrigeration and electrical services you can trust, contact Impact Air Solutions today.