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Air conditioners offer some relief especially when the summers are extreme. When shopping for one, many factors are a must to consider such as the size, the cost, how noisy they are, the type and the model.

With so many factors to consider, how does one know the best air conditioner for their needs? Here is simple buying guide to help you out.

The Power in Kilowatts

The power of the air conditioner plays a significant role in how good it will be at cooling your space. The power you choose is determined by the area you want to cover. Your chosen aircon should neither be too small nor too big.

Choosing a model that is too powerful is overkill. While it will cool your room in no time, it will cost more than you need to pay.

On the other hand, choosing one that is too low in power will require you to run it much harder to try to cool your space. This will end up driving up your power bill too.

Make sure you get the right sized aircon for your requirements. Talk with our experienced team today.

The Noise Level

You do not want an air conditioner that distracts you when relaxing or one that disturbs light sleepers. This is common with window ACs and portable types.

You can consult with an expert or the dealer about the noise level. As you take this into account, consider where the unit will be positioned to see whether the noise will be disturbing.

If you have the budget a ducted system is the quietest option available. Split systems are also relatively quiet but check the noise level for the model you are interested in.

The Energy Efficiency Rating

The energy efficiency rating helps you determine whether the air conditioner will be making your electricity bill too expensive. Of course, this should be avoided.

In Australia an Energy star rating system is used. The higher the rating, the more efficient it is, and the lower your power bills will be.

The Brand

As you do research you will find that there are leading brands such as Daikin and Mitsubishi in the marketplace and some lesser known or unknown brands. You may think why should I pay more for a brand name when there is an unknown brand offering the same specifications at a lower cost?

Well with big name brands come trust and reliability. You can be confident through their history and know that what they offer they back up with warranties and aftermarket service. Who is to say the cheaper no-name brand will go out of business in 12 months?

Also, normally you get what you pay for. You may find that the bigger brand names use better quality materials and components. Do your research and talk with an industry expert.

The Price

Once you have identified your requirements in terms of size, efficiency and brand, it is time to consider the price. How much are you willing to spend on the purchase and installation cost.

While pondering about this, compare prices of the same model from different providers. You may be surprised to save a good percentage as some dealers have better prices than others.

Also remember that more efficient models will cost more initially but will cost less to run. Find the right balance between purchase price and efficiency for your budget.

Consider the Aftersales Service

Before you purchase an air conditioner, ask the dealer about the servicing record of the brand and model. Aircon systems must be serviced and cleaned regularly due to their technical complexity. Get to understand the aftersales service and warranties offered and whether it works for you.

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