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Are Air Conditioning Prices Going Up in Australia?

Over 70% of households in Australia have air conditioning. It seems majority of the population can no longer stand the summer heat and would rather invest in air conditioning than completely lose their cool. We can’t blame them.

Nothing’s more blissful than comfortably lounging in a room with cold air, chilling out, on a hot summer day. 

As such you have probably heard of people saying that air conditioner prices are going up.

But do you know that Australian’s use of air conditioners greatly affected the rising cost of electricity in this country?

As such, it is the cost of running an air conditioner that is going up due the rising cost of electricity, and not the prices of air conditioning units.

Now that about three in four Aussie homes have aircons, electrical network can’t keep up and need to be upgraded. The upgrade investment will of course be passed on to the consumers hence the big price hike in power bills. 

Another interesting fact is that over the years, with improvements in technology, the efficiency and power usage of air conditioners has decreased dramatically. If we had the same electricity cost, the cost of running your AC unit today would be much cheaper than many years ago.

Cost of Air Conditioning Purchase & Installation

The cost to buy and install a new split air conditioner can start at around $1000 but can go as high as $4000. The higher the prices the better the model with more features, etc. Multi-split systems installed in multiple rooms will cost you at least $3000.

For ducted air conditioning, expect to pay at least $5000 for a small system supplied and installed for a small home or apartment. At least $10,000 is needed for ducted cooling system to be supplied and installed in a 4-bedroom, 2-storey home.

Note, these are just rough guides as prices vary depending on the air conditioner’s capacity, features and brand.

Impact Air Solutions can help you find the best deals in both ductless and ducted cooling and heating systems. Different brands offer different models with varying features and we can help you select the right one that matches your household’s needs.

Mitsubishi Ducted AC System

How to Gain Air Conditioner Savings

If you’re worried about the long-term investment – running costs and maintenance, to be specific – count on Impact Air Solutions’ help. 

Start things right by allowing us to help you choose the right size air conditioner. This will mean your unit won’t struggle in keeping your space comfy. Otherwise your AC unit will consume more energy and drive your energy bill up.

Next, get an expert technician to install your AC unit properly so it can function at its best. Split systems come with outdoor units that must be mounted in the right place.

Outdoor location can affect the unit’s noise level, performance and efficiency. Thus, getting it installed correctly can save you money in the long run.

You can rely on us too, for keeping your AC maintained and ready for summer. Neglecting your investment could bring about unexpected repair bills, higher power costs, insufficiently cooling and in extreme cases, unit replacement. To avoid these, make sure you give it some tender loving care. 

Get in touch with us today and let us discuss your cooling and heating needs. We’d be glad to assist you in finding the most energy-efficient air conditioner. Our highly experienced installers can advise you on everything you need to know about owning an air conditioner. From picking the right investment to reducing the cost of using it, our team has the best solutions to offer. 

Request for a quote today and see why our air con supply and installation deals are the best in the market.

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