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Asthma and AC – Should I Worry?

Air-conditioners have long been a part of improving lives here in Australia and around the world.

From toning down the sweltering summer heat, to keeping the cold at bay during winter, they are an integral part of most modern homes.

But what if you are asthmatic? Will an AC system have adverse effects on your condition?

People with asthma have extremely sensitive airways. A small trigger in the air they breathe can cause airways to swell up and tighten, increasing the production of mucus and causing difficulty in breathing.

Because of asthma’s relation to the airways, it makes sense to be concerned about how your condition would react to AC systems.

Here is everything you need to know about asthma and air conditioning systems.

A Well-Maintained AC Should Not Cause Problems 

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An air conditioning unit that is regularly cleaned and disinfected should not trigger asthma-related symptoms. However, it can be a hazard if maintenance is neglected.

Since air-conditioners blow air into your home, it is vital that the air that comes through it is clean and suitable for breathing.

Because it is dark and moist inside an AC unit, it is the perfect breeding ground for mould, which is one of the biggest triggers for asthma attacks.

Mould carries spores, which are easily dispersed in the air when the AC is turned on.

In addition to that, dust, bacteria, pollen, and other particles can also easily build up in your AC system, causing havoc on the airways when air is circulated and blown throughout your home. 

Because of this, an AC that is not regularly maintained can be a massive hazard to an asthmatic person and, at best, an inconvenience to everyone else.

Your maintenance plan should include regular checking of filters, ducts, and other important parts. All of which should all be cleaned and repaired or replaced if necessary. 

Can AC Help to Prevent Asthma Triggers? 

You may be surprised to know that a well-maintained AC system may improve indoor air quality, and this can help reduce asthma triggers.

An air conditioning unit with an excellent filtering system can help to remove triggering particles like pollen, pet hair and mould spores from the air, reducing the chances of irritation to the airways. 

Moreover, air-conditioning also helps asthmatic sufferers as it requires windows and doors to be shut. This keeps asthma triggering particles from entering your home. 

Lastly, by reducing humidity, your AC can again prevent asthma attacks.

Many people with asthma are triggered in humid environments. This is because humidity is conducive to the growth of mould. A cooler, drier environment prevents this growth altogether. 

In Summary

When it comes to asthma, if your AC is regularly serviced and kept in optimal condition, it should not be a cause for concern.

But if you have noticed an increased problem with your asthma, especially at home, it might be time to clean and disinfect your air conditioner. It could simply be some pesky dust, or a bigger problem like the filter or mouldy parts. 

Regardless, investing in the regular upkeep of your AC is equal to investing in your health and the wellbeing of those around you. So, even if you do not suffer from asthma yourself, you should keep your AC system well-maintained for numerous beneficial health reasons for you and your guests.

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