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The Best Air Conditioner Brands in Australia

Numerous brands manufacture air conditioners, but what you should keep in mind when looking for one is the value it provides. This must be considered whether you are looking for a reverse cycle or a split system air conditioner.

Various Factors to Consider

To determine the best brands, various factors come into play. What is the noise level? How does it suit your home aesthetically? Is it reasonably priced and how much space can it cool?

To help in your decision-making process, below are some of the best air conditioner brands that you can choose from in Australia.


If you are looking for a ductless yet efficient air conditioner, Mitsubishi would be an excellent option. Besides this, this brand manufactures visually appealing units that will fit perfectly in your home. Also, these ACs are reliable with the lowest noise level possible.

With the latest units, you can enjoy smartphone app control, the ability to eradicate odors from the air, and Wi-Fi connectivity among other features. Although, due to their quality and features, installing Mitsubishi air conditioners can be on the expensive side.

On a positive note, we often have discounts running on Mitsubishi models as can be seen here.

Mitsubishi Ducted AC System


Whether you are looking for a ducted system, or wall-mounted air conditioners among other types, Fujitsu offers just that.

You can opt for the classic range which is not only efficient but also quick and user-friendly. The lifestyle range which is not only stylish but also the most energy-efficient design. Or you may choose the designer range units which are not only modern but also sleek and come with additional features. Of course, the latter is the most expensive.


With amazing features that make Panasonic air conditioners stand out, there are over 30 different models to give your value for money. They offer cooling-only inverters, ducted, under-ceiling, reverse cycle, inverter multi-split, and cassette air conditioners.

With features such as sunlight and human activity recognition, you have lots of control over your unit. What gets Panasonic in the list of the best air conditioner brands is its overall customer satisfaction, reliability, user-friendliness, and functionality.


Daikin manufactures a range of different wall mounted and ducted split system models. Their ACs come with varying features such as add-on Wi-Fi capability, reverse cycle and cooling only.

Overall, Daikin air conditioners produce low noise and are very comparable to Panasonic and other leading brands for value, features and reliability.


Kelvinator offers air conditioners that are affordable and provide value for money. The brand offers different models with a power output of between 1.6 to 8kW. In terms of energy-efficiency ratings, they range from two to five stars.

Depending on the specific model, the ACs come with features such as concealed dimmable digital displays, auto restart, HEPA and ion filters, 24-hour timer, and LCD remotes. These make them reliable and effective.

Don’t Forget, Each Brand Has Various Models

This post only just scratches the surface on the magnitude of air conditioner options that are available to you. Also, there are many other leading bands which offer great value for money, are reliable and will provide years of comfortable service from brands such as Toshiba, Samsung, Hitachi and many others.

Talk with our professional team today as we are up to date with the latest models across all leading brands and often have specials that you don’t want to miss out on.

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