Best Ducted Air Conditioning for Homes

You are renovating your home or building a new one, and you are wondering which is the best-ducted air conditioner for residential use.

A good system will have the capacity to warm and cool your house when needed. But also, you need to think about performance, costs and long-term lastability.

Which is the Best Ducted Air Conditioning Unit?

There are different types of ducted air conditioning systems in the market making it tricky deciding on the best one.

To be more specific, there are different brands and they each offer different ranges and models which differ in terms of size, cost, and efficiency.

Not only do you need to think of the purchase cost but also the reliability, running costs and ongoing maintenance costs of each unit when comparing them.

Mitsubishi Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

Mitsubishi have proven to make great ducted air conditioners to use in your home. As an industry leader in the aircon market they are reliable, provide great features and are highly effective.

The other advantage of them is they are energy efficient which means your electricity bills will not go up significantly.

Daikin Ducted Air Conditioners

Daikin is another top quality air conditioner manufacturer in the market today. Models from this leading brand are a great choice for residential use.

Choose a reverse cycle model to keep your home temperatures comfortable throughout the year.

Daikin models offer design flexibility, top-notch energy performance, and R22 retrofit capability.

The high energy performance is enabled by a Cross-Pass Heat Exchanger incorporated in the outdoor unit, and advanced refrigerant control technology.

Actron Ducted Air Conditioners

Actron is another great Australian option for residential ducted air conditioners as they makes your home comfortable in harsh weather.

Models from this brand come with useful features such as a sound reduction system (SRS), which makes them less noisy.

Also, models with the ESP PLUS, an 8 zone controller that is fully integrated, enable partial control of temperatures in the house. This means that you can control temperatures in any room independently.

You can even set a 7-day program made possible by its slimline design master wall controller.

Whether your home is older or more modern, these magnificent air conditioners will fit in perfectly.

Which Model Will You Choose?

When looking for the best ducted air conditioner for your home, there is a large range available today. Their discreet nature has made them a favourite air conditioning option for many homeowners.


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