Which Air Conditioner Is Best For Home? Ask Impact Air Solutions

Which Air Conditioner Is Best For Your Home?

As someone who does not have an air conditioning system in their Sydney home, the question of which air conditioner is best for home is top of their list.

After all we are sure your want to:

  • Beat the heat this summer.
  • Create a cool and comfortable climate in your home all year around.
  • Not waste money on an inferior air con unit.
  • The best air conditioner for your home based on your needs.

When doing research, don’t be surprised if you see hundreds of options available in the market today.

With so many choices, finding the right air conditioner can be tricky. Fortunately Impact Air Solutions is here to help.

Establish Your Specific Needs First

Basically, the best air conditioner for your home is the one that meets all of your needs. So first we need to understand what you want out of your air conditioner.

Start by answering these questions:

  1. What do you want the air conditioner to do? Cool only. Or cool and heat?
  2. Do you want to cool / heat one room or multiple rooms in your home?
  3. How large are the rooms you plan to climate control?

These first questions help identify how much work will be required by the air conditioner to achieve what you want. This will allow you to know what type and size of air conditioner you should choose.

Next you need to think about:

  • Cooling / Heating performance
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Design (size and aesthetics)
  • Budget

These four points will help you narrow down your options when selecting an air conditioning system that will meet your requirements. You may also want to check out our article about air conditioning buying guide.

Different Types of Air Conditioners

A central air conditioning system will require you a full remodel of your home and a big investment. The major benefits however are it’s relatively invisible and offers the best energy efficiency.

Split systems are available in different makes and models, have a flexible price range, and offer extra conveniences like individual room temperature control.

Window and portable air conditioners are perfect for renters and smaller spaces.

Some air conditioning brands prioritise certain aspects over others. What you need to do is prioritise features that apply to the needs of you and your home.

When Portable or Window Aircons Are Best

  • Need to cool a single room or a small space
  • Are renting and cannot modify the building or room layout
  • Do not mind noise and vibration
  • Are low on budget

When Wall Mounted Split Systems Are Best

  • Need to cool a medium-sized room or an open-plan area
  • Want room-by-room temperature control
  • Are looking for an energy-efficient cooling system
  • Require permanent air conditioning without the high cost
  • Have limitations on room or budget for ductwork
  • Are okay with seeing a long, big AC box on your wall

When Multi-Split Systems Are Best

  • Need a powerful AC for a large living room and smaller, quieter ones for bedrooms with just one outside compressor unit powering them
  • Are looking for unsurpassed flexibility with temperature control on a room-by-room basis
  • Want the power and convenience of central air conditioning minus the ductwork

When Ducted Air Conditioning Systems Are Best

  • Want your entire home to be cool and comfy with seamless control
  • Prefer to have all the AC technology hidden from view inside your home
  • Prefer the quietest AC system
  • Have a brand new home with space for ductwork
  • Have a larger budget and want the best money can buy.

So Which Air Conditioner Is Best For Your Home?

As mentioned above it all comes down to your specific requirements.

In general, for residential propertiesreverse-cycle split system air conditioners are seen to be the best option. This is a unit that can cool as well as heat your home. Although a bit more expensive than cooling-only AC, reverse-cycle air conditioners make a great long term investment.

Designed to be efficient in every way – heating, cooling, energy consumption, and cost over time – this is the best choice for a practical household. Once you have bought the unit and paid for installation you get to enjoy a chilly or well-heated room all year round. Plus you get to enjoy other benefits like lower electrical consumption, purified air, lesser noise and lower carbon footprint.

Nothing compares to a cool and comfortable room on a scorching hot day in Sydney. A properly working air conditioner makes it possible for us to keep our cool and chill out during sweltering summers. 

If you are still unsure of which AC to get, just give Impact Air Solutions a call and we’ll gladly provide assistance. 

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