How Does a Split System Air Conditioner Work

It feels good coming home to a cool and refreshing house on a hot day. To ensure this is the case for you, you should get an air conditioner that works as intended.

There are many different kinds available, but when it comes to value for money a split system air conditioner is a great option.

A split system air conditioner essentially has two main components. The outdoor unit and the indoor one which are connected via pipes.

  • The outdoor unit holds the compressor and condenser coil. This is installed outside on the exterior wall of the space to be cooled. This is where all the noisy work is done.
  • The indoor unit consists of a blower, evaporator coil, and an air filter. This is the one that quietly blows cool air throughout the room.

How a Split System Works

In simple terms, a split system aircon provides cool air that is blown out of the wall-mounted units or vents. The outdoor unit blows hot air outside as part of the cooling process.

To understand the finer details of the operation of a split system we will start with the outside unit which contains the compressor.

First, a cool refrigerant gas is pushed through various condenser tubes. This compressing of the gas under pressure causes it to condense. As it condenses the gas turns into liquid.

This pressurized liquid is continually pushed to an expansion joint. At this point the pressure is reduced causing the liquid to change back into a gas.

This conversion from liquid to gas releases a great deal of heat as the gas becomes much cooler.

As this process take place in the outside unit, the hot air is removed with an extraction fan. The cool refrigerant gas is pumped into the indoor unit of the split system via the pipes.

The cold refrigerant gas then passes through the evaporator coil which is in the indoor unit of the split system. Most often this is in the wall mounted unit.

Air from the room is sucked into the wall mounted unit and passed over this evaporator coil. This cools this room air dramatically before it is blown back into the room with the blower.

This process raises the temperature of the refrigerant gas slightly as it makes its way back to the compressor and goes through the cycle again.

These processes continue as a thermostat measures the temperature of the air in the room. This controls how hard the air con works in order to achieve the set temperature in the room.

Why Split System Air Conditioners Are So Popular

As a homeowner who is looking for an air conditioner, the common split system is a great option.

While common belief is that spilt systems refer to wall mounted aircons, ducted systems are also split systems too. It is just that the indoor unit of a ducted aircon is hidden in the ceiling or floor.

When choosing between ducted and wall mounted split systems you should not only consider the initial cost of purchasing a unit and installation.

You should consider the running and maintenance costs. Also make sure your investment meets your requirements now and in the future.

To make sure you choose the right aircon for your home please get in contact with Impact Air Solutions today.

Our experts are knowledgeable on all types of air cons and will help you choose the perfect solution for your needs and budget.