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Most Energy Efficient Split System Air Conditioner

Truth be told, summer Down Under can be too much to handle. It’s perfectly understandable when during this season, people search for the best air conditioning unit to buy.

Unfortunately, some do so without much thinking about the cost of having this investment.

You see, it isn’t enough that you get a machine that cools your home. You need to consider if it will also bring a big impact to your power bill.

We’re talking about its energy efficiency. More importantly we are talking about your AC keeping your home cool without causing you to lose your cool from a shocking electricity bill.

Impact Air Solutions recommend finding an air conditioning unit that can give the most comfort to your home with the least damage to your pocket.

Both now when you pay for the installation costs and in the months and years to come, with each power bill.

So, without further ado, let us help you find the most energy efficient air conditioner for your requirements.

Inverter Air Conditioners Vs Traditional Style

Currently, inverter air conditioners are deemed to be the most energy efficient. Inverter AC units have lower operating costs when compared to traditional models because they do not work at full power all the time.

The compressor on an inverter AC unit is on a variable speed which means it adjusts its power use depending on need.

An inverter air conditioner runs at full power the moment you turn it on and reduces its power consumption when it gets closer to the desired temperature.

This functionality can reduce the overall running costs when compared to the older style models.

Traditional models would also be on full power from the moment you turn them on. That is until they reach the desired temperature range, at which point they would turn off.

Once the temperature in the room varies out of the desired range, they would go back on at full power.

The difference in the controlled speed of Inverter models versus the switching on-and-off of traditional styles reduces overall power usage by around 30-50%. A significant improvement in efficiency!

So, if you want to get an AC that is truly energy-efficient, consider selecting an inverter model from a reputable brand.

As it turns out, many of the modern options available today are inverter models as this has become the new standard. Indeed all the models that we supply are both reverse-cycle and inverter types.

Choose the Right Size to Gain Better Efficiency

When choosing an aircon to purchase, the size of the room to be cooled / heated is very important. This affects the performance and electrical consumption of the air conditioning unit.

A small air conditioner with small cooling capacity will struggle in keeping a large and wide-open area at a comfortable temperature. As such it will run for much longer at full power and may never be able to reach the desired temperature.

On the other side of the spectrum, one that’s too powerful will cool a room quickly however at a much higher running cost.

Use Energy Labels to Compare Models if Possible

In Australia, air conditioning units designed for residential use now carry an energy rating label. This means that the unit has been tested for its power consumption and rated accordingly.

The energy rating label often tells you how much cooling / heating it can provide, the amount of power it uses, the level of noise it makes, and how efficient it is in cooling / heating mode.

Advancements in technology have paved the way to better performing cooling and heating systems.

This means you can expect that the most efficient AC on the market in the 90s is now less efficient than the least efficient AC on the market today.

Essentially this means that older air conditioners are, in general, less energy-efficient than what we have available today.

Woman Surrounded with Question Marks

Still Unsure?

Impact Air Solutions can help you pick the most energy efficient AC unit based on your needs. To do this we assess your cooling / heating requirements as well as the size of your space.

While it is true that today’s AC units labelled as energy-efficient tend to be more costly up front, they will save you money in the long run.

Would you rather:

  • Spend less in buying an old and cheap air conditioner and deal with a larger electricity bill?
  • Or be ready to spend more on the initial purchase and enjoy the benefits of smaller power bills for the months and years to come?

Get in touch with the best air conditioning specialists in Sydney today. We will help you in your search for the right cooling unit that is energy efficient and suits your needs perfectly.

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