Switchboard Upgrades / Fuse Box Replacement By Electricians

Switchboard Upgrades

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The switchboard in your home or business is what controls all the electrical power supply in your property.

When it fails, you may not be able to turn on a light, or in extreme cases your house may catch on fire.

Upgrading old an switchboard in your home or business makes future maintenance a breeze, and it keeps your electrical systems running reliably.

At Impact Air Solutions, we offer the highest quality switchboard upgrades to the entire Sydney community.

From large, contractor-grade, jobs, all the way to home renovations, we can upgrade your switchboards to take advantage of the latest technology.

Our team of electricians is licensed, experienced, and backed by Impact Air Solutions’ unbeatable reputation across Sydney.

We can handle jobs of all sizes, and we’re more than happy to work with Sydney construction firms as electrical contractors. Contact us today for the most reliable electrical services available.

Why Get Your Switchboard Upgraded?

The switchboard is essentially where all of your home’s power and wiring is controlled.

When you overload an outlet and blow a fuse, need to shut off power to a certain room for repairs, or need to turn off your power to replace a GPO, the switchboard is one of your most important tools.

However, electrical technology changes all the time, and many switchboards are now obsolete. This causes a few different problems.

First, old switchboards don’t have the same anti-fire measures installed.

This means that simply having an old switchboard leaves you vulnerable to a house or business fire, and we all know how tragic that can be.

Old switchboards also make simple repairs more difficult. With the jump in electrical technology, many modern switchboards can’t accept traditional parts.

This makes something as simple as changing a fuse or rewiring a room take a lot longer due to special parts being ordered, trying to make the parts compatible, and just figuring out a way to hook everything up.

By upgrading your switchboard with Impact Air Solutions you protect your property from electrical fires, unreliability, and much more.

Fuse Box Replacement in Sydney

Obviously, getting your fuse box replaced is key to keeping your house or business up to date.

However, you can’t have just anyone do it. You need a licensed electrician you can trust to get the job done safely, quickly, and affordably. At Impact Air Solutions, we can do just that.

Each member of our team is fully licensed with years of hands-on experience on a multitude of projects. This ensures that every job we do provides safe and reliable results.

Sydney’s Trusted Service Provider

While offering residential electrical services is new to our company, we’ve been serving the Sydney community for years through our top-rated air conditioning services.

Over those years, we’ve built a reputation for safety, reliability, and trustworthiness.

With our new electrical services and fuse box replacement services, we aim to bring the same high-quality results you’ve come to expect from us.

When you choose Impact Air Solutions, you choose an electrician the people of Sydney can truly trust with their electrical needs.

Comprehensive Electrical Services

Switchboard upgrades and fuse box replacements are only one facet of our electrical services.

We also offer wiring and rewiring services to contractors, DIYer’s, home renovators, and anyone else who needs their property rewired in Sydney.

This comprehensive list of services ensures that we can serve our customers regardless of their needs, and they’re available for all projects; no matter how large or complex.

This includes newly constructed homes, full house rewiring’s, complex commercial fuse box replacements, and everything in between.

Contact Us Today

If you need a fuse box installed or replaced, you can’t take a chance on sub-par electricians. Impact Air Solutions is Sydney’s top provider of air conditioning and electrical services, and we’re here to help you.

To have your switchboard upgraded, call us today.

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