Why smart air conditioners are “beyond cool”

Smart technology is changing how we interact with our homes and the appliances within them — giving us greater control of our lights, televisions, music, security and, of course, air conditioners.

The idea of smart homes has been around for decades. But for most of that time, smart home technology was confined to the houses of die-hard tech junkies and early adopters.

In recent years, smart tech has gone mainstream to the point you can now get smart light bulbs and other gadgets in your local supermarket, next to the AA batteries and across from the laundry powder.

How a smart aircon saves you money

Smart aircon controllers help you dial down your AC usage, while still maintaining your ideal home environment, thereby reducing power consumption — and your energy bills.

All controlled from an app on your phone.

For instance, smart thermostats use algorithms and machine learning to automatically adjust your temperature settings, to maintain your perfect environment more efficiently.

Meanwhile, features like geofencing ensure your unit only operates when needed. Forget to switch it off and, according to your preset parameters, your aircon will shut itself down once the smart technology detects you’ve left the area.

And tracking your daily, weekly or monthly usage can reveal patterns that may help you to optimise your settings even more.

Should you DIY your smart AC?

With so many consumer smart home technologies on the market, it may be tempting to choose and install or upgrade your own smart aircon without hiring a professional AC installer.

However, setting up a smart aircon system can be quite intricate, And integrating the system with your other smart devices can be quite complex. After all, how many different apps do you want on your phone to control all of your various devices?

A misstep in the installation process could lead to issues or malfunctions later on — and could potentially compromise your entire smart home network.

Worse, installing your smart aircon incorrectly could also void the warranty.

A professional aircon installer — with experience in setting up and configuring smart devices — not only alleviates these risks, but also ensures your system is set up for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Importantly, a professional installer can advise you on which smart air conditioner is right for you and your existing smart home setup.

Having a professional installer set up your smart aircon system ensures your smart home operates like a well-tuned orchestra, with each device playing its part in harmony.