Ducted Air Conditioning Vs Split System


There are different types of air conditioners you can choose from when it comes to cooling your home. Ducted and wall mounted units are two very common types for homeowners.

Essentially both of these are split systems as they both have an outdoor unit and a unit that is indoors.

However due to the fact that wall mounted split systems have a visible indoor unit attached to the wall, and the ducted indoor unit is hidden out of sight, the general public has come to believe that a split system is the name for the wall mounted variety.

So throughout this article and in most places online, a split system refers to wall mounted split system aircons.

Now, without further ado, lets carry on and look at each one of these aircons by comparing their advantages and disadvantages.

Wall-Mounted Split System Air Conditioners

Most people opt for these kinds of air conditioners that can be mounted anywhere on the wall. The best position for them is high up near the ceiling.

The reason for this is hot air rises and these wall mounted units suck in hot air from the room and convert it into cool air that is blown out.

If you are interested in one of these units, you should really consider one that cools and heats. These types are known as a reverse cycle aircons.

Why You Should Choose A Wall-Mounted Air Conditioner

There are many reasons why you should consider this type of air conditioner.

  • They do not take a lot of space: The reason they save on space is the fact that they are mounted up high near the ceiling. This makes them an excellent option even when there is limited space which would be taken up by a portable unit.
  • They are widely available: Wall-mounted air conditioners are widely available in different designs and style to suit your existing décor.
  • They are generally more affordable: When compared to ducted air-cons, these particular-types are more affordable to purchase, install and run.
  • They are relatively easy to install: You do not have to stress over how the unit will be installed. This is because they are easier and quicker to install than ducted models.

Ducted Air Conditioners

This is an ideal option when you want a cooling system for your entire home.

The unit which is centrally located is connected by air ducts, and it is out of sight. All that is visible is the control panel on the wall and the vents that are in the ceiling or floor.

Ducted aircon installations ensure comfortable temperatures across a much larger space, perfect for the whole family. Plus, reverse cycle models are also available in the ducted models allowing you to heat and cool.

Why Should You Consider A Ducted Air Conditioning Unit?

There are varying reasons why you should opt for a ducted air conditioner for your home, despite it being an expensive option.

  • It is a complete solution: This does not just cool one area, but rather an entire property.
  • Versatile: With different zones you can choose which rooms have the cool or warm air directed. This can include the living areas and bedrooms as desired. Thus, you can keep more of the house happier.
  • Seamless look: You do not have to worry about the aesthetic appeal of your house. The air conditioning vents and ducts run throughout the property and are installed during renovations or construction. They are completely hidden in the walls, ceiling or under the floor.
  • Minimal noise: Wall mounted air conditioners are known for their noise, even though some are quieter than others. But with ducted systems this is not an issue. During installation, the master compressor system is installed outside the house and away from bedrooms. Thus, it emits very minimal noise that will not disturb your sleep or distract you.
  • Can be more affordable in larger applications: If you only wanted to cool one or two rooms then running wall mounted units would be cheaper than a ducted system. However, if you start using multiple wall mounted units across many rooms there becomes a point where running a ducted system will be cheaper.

Learn more about running costs here.

Which Is Better for You?

Both wall-mounted and ducted air conditioners have their advantages. If you are looking for an efficient way to cool an entire property, a ducted air conditioner will be more ideal.

If you want a system that cools and heats specific areas in your home and is affordable, the wall-mounted air conditioners may be better suited to you.