Inverter Air Conditioners – What Are They & How Do They Work?

With the hottest months fast approaching in the Land Down Under, you might be planning to purchase an air conditioner. If so, you should choose one that not only provides great cooling options but is also cost-effective.

The good news is you can experience both of these perks with an inverter air conditioner.

Unfamiliar with aircon inverters? Below, we will answer all your questions, including “what is an inverter air conditioner,” “how does it work,” and “why are they a better option than a non-inverter AC?” So, keep scrolling.

What Is an Inverter Air Conditioner & How Does It Work?

Inverter air conditioners are the most recent AC technology that allows you to save on energy costs while enjoying a cooler temperature at home or in the office.

Essentially, they have a compressor unit that facilitates different speed levels.

Once the room has reached the set temperature, the compressor slows down. However, it will not totally turn off. Rather, it maintains the set temperature by operating at a lower speed setting.

The inverter technology is thus similar to an accelerator in your car, as the compressor’s speed and power can be adjusted accordingly.

Given that there’s no need to turn the motor on or off to adjust the temperature like how it works in conventional ACs, a wasted operation is prevented.

Why Are Inverter ACs Better Than Non-Inverter ACs?

Now that you understand a bit about inverter ACs, you might still be wondering whether purchasing one is worth it.

Compared to the standard ACs or non-inverter ones, inverter aircon units are the smarter option because of the following benefits:



Unlike a traditional AC that runs at either full power or none, an inverter AC operates at different speed settings. This makes the latter a more energy-efficient option.

In fact, according to a 2017 study, the inverter technology lets you save at least 35% of electricity compared to a standard air conditioner.

Even with low energy consumption, you can still get the temperature you need for maximum comfort. As AC inverters consume less power, they also offer safety as they will not overload your home wiring.


If you only consider the purchase price, you might find AC inverters a bit more expensive than a traditional AC. As such, you might want to purchase a non-inverter AC. However, inverter ACs is a wiser investment.

Traditional ACs are always operating at full power, whereas inverter models run at max power when first switched on and then they lower their power usage as they approach and maintain the desired temperature.

This makes inverter ACs very energy-efficient so you won’t have to keep worrying about your monthly electricity bills. Even while you use your AC more than a traditional model. In the long run, the inverter option will pay for itself.


Quiet Operation

If you find the noise of your current air conditioner annoying, then you won’t have the same problem with an inverter AC.

Because of the stable operation of the inverter engine, you can hardly hear the noise. Also, you won’t hear the friction caused by switching the fan blades on and off. As a result, you can enjoy a more comfortable life and a better sleep.

If you want an even quieter option, consider getting the highest quality ducted inverter ACs from Impact Air Solutions! We only use reputable aircon brands, such as Actron and Mitsubishi, so you can experience the best AC performance.

Through zone control, ducted inverter ACs also allow an even temperature throughout your home or office space.


With a smaller energy consumption, the inverter air conditioner is also a better option for the environment. There’s less carbon dioxide emission, and trusted brands like Daikin use compressors with ozone-friendly refrigerants.

Faster Cooling

With a non-inverter AC, it usually takes a while before the system cools or heats up because it runs at a fixed speed.

Meanwhile, an inverter air conditioner allows the compressor to run at a higher speed level. So, it can reach the desired temperature faster than a non-inverter AC.

If you want a modern air conditioning system that will let you cool or heat different rooms from several floors, you can also take advantage of Daikin’s VRV or VRF system. Simply contact Impact Air Solutions, and we’ll ensure a seamless installation for you.

Invest Wisely

With all the benefits of inverter air conditioners, we only offer these types of AC units for new installations. Only the best for our customers.

Inverter air conditioners not only give you the relaxation that you deserve but also allow you to save money and resources in the long run.

To ensure you’re getting the best unit, installation, and service, choose Impact Air Solutions as your trusted air conditioning specialist in Sydney.